How to tell if a guy likes you – Read Out The Details Carefully!

Ok, so you are finally interested in a guy but not sure he has the same feelings for you or not. It is a bit tricky situation indeed but you can easily come out of it if you follow the signs mentioned in our short article. We are here to assist you with your first relationship, so just don’t miss the golden opportunity and grab it with both hands.

How to tell if a guy likes you - Read Out The Details Carefully!

1. Observe his body language carefully – You can easily find a lot of what the guy is feeling and thinking about you by just observing his body language carefully. For sure, it is tough to judge a girl with her body language but the situation is less complicated with guys. Common signs like if he looks at you all the time, trying to make a lot of eye contact and sit with open legs in order to impress you out.

2. Carefully Listen To The guy when he talks to you – An interested guy will always try to talk about themselves as they want to prove superior and best of all. Another effective way is to observe his body language when you are involved in the conversation. Try to speak softly and if he leans forward, it is a positive signal for you.

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3. How he reacts after a body contact – Touching the guys and checking out his response is just a perfect way to get aware of his interest. Guys who are actually interested in you will always try to seek some excuses to touch you just like touching your hands while laughing or brushing your legs when possible. Next is to observe how the guy reacts when you touch him. A typical shy guy might jump away a little when you touch him but still that does not mean he is not interested in you.

4. Does he treat you in a special manner? – An interested guy will always try to make you special and treat you in a different manner. In a group especially, he will try to bring himself closer to you in the sitting arrangement or try to place his arm on your chair back. These are clear signals the guy is interested in you and likes you.

5. Observe his friends closely – If the guy is interested in you, he will about you to his friends. When you are with the guy and his friends, just observe carefully. If they are cracking jokes at him or making fun of him, then he probably likes you. Another way to judge from his friends is, they will offer you smile when they see you.

If the guy is demonstrating few of the above-mentioned signals – good news you has a nice chance and him is interested in you. The best way to build a relationship is to offer a positive response to his signals and try to spend some quality time with him. Cheers and good luck!

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