The video game Fifa18 was invented and launched by electronic arts on 29th September of 2017. As soon as it was published in the market it resulted to be a super hit as it was one of the most awaited video game of the year. Users of Android were eager to play the FIFA 18 Android game since its launching announcement. This game is also playable on other platforms, for example, IOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and many more. The developer decided to develop this version, FIFA 18 Mobile of the FIFA game series due to its extreme success in the earlier versions. This was a big step towards success and fame for electronic arts. The Fifa18 game is made available on mobile so that even a person on the move can play the game. An individual can now enjoy the game while traveling to office or back home, on a long drive or on a vacation anywhere around the globe at any point in time. One can even leave the game at any point of time if required and resume it later from the same point where it was left on whatever device be it. It can be played on PCs as well as laptops and other similar devices.

The cover picture has been altered in this version of the game for all FIFA 18 iOS, Android, and all other platforms. It now has Cristiano Ronaldo as the face on the cover and Messi on the cover page of PES 2018. These alterations were made in order to offer importance to the choice of people. The game includes 12 countries where one can select from 52 stadiums. Even the premier league stadiums will be present in the new version of Fifa18.