Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

Tired of going to the gym?  In need to work out and lose some weight? Not to worry! The Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine is here to help you burn all that excess fat you have been carrying around. This wonderful machine is a light-weight, simple and sturdy exercise machine. It features 10 levels of adjustable resistance, a comfortable and smooth running seat, pivoting foot plates for added comfort, adjustable foot straps and an electronic display.

Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

The 20 pound rower can be carried in one hand and can be moved to one place to another easily inside your home or even when travelling. While it is a light-weight designed machine, it is very sturdy and durable so you know that you can count on its effectiveness. Everything seems solid enough that we don’t see anything breaking without excessive misuse and no amount of maintenance.  The assembly is also simple and straight-forward. The resistance cylinder, which is hydraulic, can be connected to the handle bars with the quick release pin and the 2 bolts that attach the handle grips only takes a minute to put on.  You could plug the display and slide it on the handle bar; all in all it takes only 10 minutes to set up.  The awesome display design added to this machine does a good job in tracking calories burnt, number of rows and the time spent rowing but it often counts 1 row as 2 rows. On the other hand, it has a limited range of motion. If you fully extend the handle bars, it’ll come up to about your belly button. While it gets the job done, it doesn’t necessarily work your arms and if you’re very tall, this would become very uncomfortable.

Overall, the Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine is very well built and at a very cheap price. If you’re looking for something that you could store away after, this is the good choice. visit for the best rowing machine guide

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