Know the value and features of the Spartan 6

It is always important for you to know and understand the value and features of the spartan 6 device. With that fully understood, you will have no problems. Some values and features include:

1. The programmable system integration value with features like high pin-count to logic ratios for I/O connections. More than 40 I/O standards for an easy system design and PCJ Express with an integrated endpoint block.
2. There is also the increased system performance value. This value comes with features like 800Mb/s DDR3 with memory controller integrated. It also comes with up to 8 low power 3.2 GB/s serial transceivers.
3. The BOM cost reduction value. This value comes with features like MicroBlaze processor soft IP to get rid of external processors or MCU parts or components. It also comes with an I/O expansion system that is cost-optimized.
4. Complete power reduction value. This value comes with features like the zero power with hibernate power down modes. Also, you get 1.2V core voltage or 1.0V core voltage alternatives. Xilinx Spartan decisions will always put a smile on your face. That is what you should always be interested in. It definitely will help you achieve the best results.
5. The accelerated design productivity value. This value comes with features like FPGA design solution for windows and Linux, unique design closure with the use of integrated wizards. Also, you get an enabled by ISE Design Suite at no price at all, from the front to the back.
The Xilinx Spartan 6 microboard will always come with features that matter. So do not take those features for granted at all. Try to work your way around to make good use of this board. All values and features are available online in-depth. This way, you know what you are purchasing and investing in.