Kitty litter boxes that were commonly used in the past had a simple use of storing waste and litter.

However, the process of having to scoop and through away the waste in the litter box can get a little tedious.

This however is unavoidable as every cat owner can attest to the fact that if you fail to empty the litter box several times in a day, your home will be filled with a terrible foul odor.

Apart from this, failing to empty the box will create a perfect environment for bacterial breeding which could result in your pet falling sick.

All these problems are however a thing of the past with the invention of the automatic kitty litter box.

An owner of a cat pet is able to get an odor free house and the pet’s environment is also much healthier with these automatic kitty litter boxes.

These boxes are very easy to find. They can either be purchased online or any other pet stores that sell cat accessories.

The price of this box is varied depending on the specific brand and model that one may be interested in.

The automatic kitty litter boxes come in various designs, shapes, sizes and colors. It is very refreshing for a cat owner to come home and not be greeted by the foul smell of cat litter.

The working of an automatic cat litter box is varied also depending with the specific brand.

In many cases, the litter is placed inside the tray then the box will keep on working around the hour, cleaning up after every time your pet makes use of the box.

After a cat has finished using the box, its waste will be raked away leaving the box clean again thus creating no room for bacteria to thrive.

The most common way that these boxes function is by sifting through the waste deposited in them. The droppings of the cat are raked inside a pan that is in the storage compartment so that it may be disposed later.

The only thing that the owner of the cat will need to do will be to empty the best litter box from time to time.

Depending on the brand purchased, it is possible to get the best automatic kitty litter box which flushes the contents away meaning that you do not have to empty it.

Depending on the specific version, you may get those that have certain garbage bags which need to be thrown off in either a matter of days, Weeks or at times even months.

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